Welcome to the bootcamp + Introductions 🎉

:wave: Hi, I’m Jess. I’ll be your instructor for this bootcamp. I’m so excited to welcome you all to the forums and the course!

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct for this program. We’ll ask that you abide by these rules at all times during your learning with us.

And please also familiarize yourself with your bootcamp portal, where you’ll find links to all the bootcamp components, including the announcements, live streams, and study schedule.

We’re running an optional survey for learners to better understand who you are and what your goals are. If you’re interested in sharing more information with us, you can find the survey here.

All your coursework for this bootcamp can be found on the freeCodeCamp platform. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to register and have your first look at the Responsive Web Design certification!

We’ll be starting the livestreams soon (you can see all lessons and events for the bootcamp here) but in the meantime, I would love to get to know you all!

Can you reply introducing yourself and tell your fellow bootcampers more about what you’re hoping to learn from the course?

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Hi @jesslynnrose! Great to have you here! :grinning:

I am Archisha Bhar from India. I am hoping to learn about web development. I have some basic knowledge about web development and want to enhance it further.

I have already been a part of another Study Group here, so my expectations are even higher this time! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The course structure is amazing. Can’t wait for the livestreams to begin!

Warm wishes,
Archisha Bhar


Hi @jesslynnrose , I’m George from Romania and i am very excited to be here😊


Hey @jesslynnrose ! I’m (also) Jess from South Africa.

I’ve gotten more interested in learning web dev basics after doing some stuff in Tumult Hype and really wanting to start hand-coding some things for a bit more granular control over the final product. I’m also a little ways into Jonas Schmedtmann’s JS course on Udemy. Fun!


Hey, everyone! I’m Déborah, from Brazil, and I’m super excited, this will be my first bootcamp =]


Hi there. Sammy from Southern Nigeria. Thanks so much for this Bootcamp. I’m somewhat familiar with Flexbox and CSS Grid, but I’ve never done a project on them. Looking forward to the 23rd.
Thanks again.


Hello all, I’m happy I decided to enroll in this Bootcamp; I’m really looking forwards to learning with you all.
Well, let me introduce myself better, my name’s Nielda Karla, I’m from Brazil, and I have no background in web development or coding. I expect to take my first steps towards learning how to code; I believe this is a skill everyone in the (not so distant) future should be familiar with.
I also decided to join the Bootcamp because I believe being part of a community will help me be more engaged in my studies.
By the way, I enrolled last weekend and already started studying, and I’d like to say that the way the course is given is fantastic, step-by-step, bite-sized content, just incredible. I was amazed to see I could finish the challenges on my own just following the instructions. :grin:

Well, I guess that’s it. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


Hi @deborahsalves , So nice meeting a fellow from Brazil. =) This is also my first Bootcamp, I’m sure it will be amazing!


Hi everyone, I’m Mahbub from Bangladesh. I’m excited to start the Bootcamp with you. I have some basic HTML knowledge. looking forward to starting the Bootcamp.


Hello everyone! My name is Frynelli and I am from Greece. Very excited to start this bootcamp! I am completely new to coding as well!


This is great news because I’m rubbish at Flexbox and Grid, so I’ll be coming to you for a lot of advice!


Hi guys!
I’m Mervyn, from Andhra Pradesh, India, I actually finished the Basic HTML[1st module/part?] back in march but got sidetracked before I stared CSS, I hope to one day create an amazing webpage using what I learn here!
Grateful to be a part of this!
Thank you.


Hello everyone,
I am Sara from Peru. This is my first Bootcamp and I am hoping to learn and improve my coding skills!


Hi Jess! I’m Paul from Argentina!

I’m looking forward to this bootcamp and even though I can’t connect to all the livestreams due to the time difference, I’ll watch them all!

I did the Responsive Web Design Course over at FCC but I still have to finish 2 projects, so this bootcamp will be great to review and freshen up my knowledge.

Thank you!


Dear Jessica,

Will the live streams be recorded and its link be emailed to me since my classes have time conflict with its timings? I would be grateful if you could let me know.

Best wishes,



Hi everyone!
I’m Dany, 29yo, from Argentina. I have previous previous knowledge about web development but Im quite rusty.
I’m excited to start this Bootcamp!


Yes, they will be recorded and we will share the links in the Bootcamp portal itself.


Hello, I’m Nancy from the U.S. I am interested in learning anything about this topic because I don’t have a lot of background in web development, but with the way the world is today, I think it could be a useful skill.


My name is Khush. I live in Houston and would love to learn basics of web development for applications in healthcare.


Hi, I am Patricia, from Córdoba, Argentina :nerd_face: