2022 Bootcamps: More Webdev, JS and more surprises

Hi all, apologies for the time it took to get this announcement together. We’re going to be doing another bootcamp in Jan! Actually, we’ll be doing two.

I’ll be teaching this same bootcamp again, for new folks coming in or anyone who wants help going over the material again.

@hola_soy_milk will be teaching a JS bootcamp, for those of you who want to advance your technical skills even further.

These bootcamps will be a little different, as they’re 6 weeks instead of 12, so the pace and workload will be doubled. To help better balance this, both Ramón and I will only be teaching in one timeslot each. I’ll be teaching Responsive Web Design in early mornings GMT , which might be a great fit for learners in APAC or night owls in the Americas. Ramón will be teaching JavaScript in the afternoons GMT, which might be a great fit for folks in EMEA and morning people in the Americas.

We’ll also be changing the format of the streams. They’ll be shorter (whew) with one hour lessons focused on going through the course material. We’ll have a bit of time before the serious lessons bit for socializing and some time after for Q&A. We think that moving the exploratory Q&A to the end will make it easier for learners who want to use the videos to study from outside of live streams. It seems unfair to make you all wade through all my chuckling about how great your questions are, just to see how a lesson is completed!

If these timeslots and topics don’t match what you need, don’t worry! With cohorts being only 6 weeks long, we’ll be able to swap bootcamp topics in the future to make sure that you’re covered for the topics you want to learn.

I’ll be so excited to answer any questions you may have, more details and signups are right here.

I would love to answer any questions you might have!


I will be in the JS but I am having problems with my final project in our web dev class so you may see me again.
Thank you for the update and I will see you on twitch.

Linda Shrewsbury


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

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All credit to the Class Central team, and our new instructor!


That will be awesome - am looking to start Javascript and these projects recommended by your Academy: 40 JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding JS.

Thanks for everything and all of the information.


Thank you so much for all you’re doing here. I look forward seeing you in the next bootcamp. God bless you all!!!

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It here a “hard end-date” to our current bootcamp? If so, when is it?

I’m a bit behind but can likely make it up.

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Hi @jesslynnrose, may I know will you still stream FCC JavaScript personally starting on 15/11? If yes, what is the difference between the Class Central BootCamp and yours (e.g. pace)? Thank you!

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Big differences:

-It’s just streaming the lessons w less interactivity
-I’m bad at JS
-No forum, cohort support
-Seriously, I am bad at it

If waiting isn’t going to hold you up, the Jan cohort is going to offer a lot more interactivity and support!

Thank you, and may I know when do you expect to end your stream on JS? Is there a schedule for your stream? Thank you very much!

I’m likely to keep my Mon and Tues timeslots the same, but confess I’m also likely to just pick up and stream whenever I have free time. I fear it’s likely going to be much easier to catch the proper bootcamp in Jan :sweat_smile:


Wow @jesslynnrose, amazing news, thank you both so so much! This bootcamp has changed my entire attitude to learning web dev, and although I wasn’t able to participate live in most of the sessions, I still plan to catch up (seriously, having recordings is genius!) and I’ve done all the FCC lessons, now on to the projects.

I’ve started with JS, so this upcoming bootcamp will be right up my alley . I don’t get it - JS is weird, one moment deceivingly simple and the next, I understand next to nothing. And I might feel tempted to repeat RWD one in a new format (you’re right, January should much work much better for some of us, especially for working on projects).


Exactly! Will you consider simply quitting streaming yourself and let us follow the January Bootcamp lol?

Great news! This course was incredibly helpful and inspired me to take the next steps. I’ll keep working on my HTML & CSS skills until Jan. 10th - then it’s on to Javascript!


Great news! Even if I’ve earned the Responsive Web Design certification, I’ve enrolled to both bootcamps (beside the lessons I absolutely love the guest sessions!). See you all on January then!


So good news, we’ll make the guest sessions shared across both bootcamps so you won’t miss anything!


Is is doable to complete both bootcamps at the same time? I was so excited to find these that I subscribed for both. Or should these take one after another? Have some knowledge on both topics but not consider myself proficient enough to call myself a developer.

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Hi @kagusev, I don’t know about doable, but I’m going to try it too (and I suspect some other members of the community have similar plans). So at least you won’t be alone in your wild project. :wink:

Jokes aside, I think it’s perfectly possible to do them both, although it will be quite time-intensive. But as the sessions are being recorded, we may plan on watching them later in weeks we have other commitments, plus the guest sessions (Thursdays) are shared between the two bootcamps.

I’m gonna try, but won’t beat myself up if I can’t complete everything in 6 weeks. For me, it’s the challenge that matters, and the experience and connections I hope to continue making in this community. Here’s to our plans, I wish you luck!


I wish you luck too @dagsljos. My hope that I know enough of both not to make it overwhelming. But I also know that I need to have a deeper knowledge of both in order to be able to find job :slight_smile: