How to customize your username & picture


If you’d like to change your forum username and picture, here’s how:


1. Click on your avatar (top right corner)
2. Select the Preferences tab (rightmost icon)
3. Click on Preferences

There you’ll be able to change your username and picture. And you’ll also be able to add your name, if you want.

If you have any questions, let us know below. :wink:


Thanks for this…
It really helps to a great extent… :hugs::ok_hand:


Be sure to do this early. It seems that the forum will lock your username a few days after registration.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve gone ahead and increased that setting, but yeah: it’s a good idea to customize your username. :wink:


Hello there, thank you for this course :slight_smile:

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hi @manoel — I wanted to change my username, but do not get the option to change the username! I see the edit pencil for the photo only! The account username does not have any option to change the username! Am I missing something here? Please advise. thanks.


Hey Sonal, the username changes are only allowed for 30 days after account creation. But I did change it for you. Let me know if that works.


Thanks Dhawal.

Seems I had chosen my first name as my username when I registered!
Then noticed a very long username appeared on the forums!
Wonder why!

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That must have been for the Class Central profile. We automatically create your Discourse (this forum) profile when you enroll in a cohort.

To avoid potential clashes we use your first name + Class Central user id.


Sorry @sonal, missed the notification. Glad all is sorted. :wink:

Please am finding it difficult to change my profile and joining the discord plartform

The forum and discord are two separate things.

To update your forum profile, follow the steps above, which start with clicking on your profile icon on the top right.

To join the discord, go to this announcement and follow the invite link. :wink:

Thank you for this. I highly believe that clear instructions is key to learning new material. This was extremely easy to follow and comprehend. Thank you.


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So helpful
Thank you…