Bootcamp FAQ

Hey all, I’ve been seeing a lot of really good questions and wanted to make sure that these were answered in a way that were useful for everyone, so I’m starting a thread of questions I’ve seen a lot. Hit me with any other questions you have and we’ll get to them as soon as we can <3

Where are the assignments? We’re working together through the Responsive Web Design Certification pathway on You’ll need to sign up for a (free, everything is free!) account at to access the lessons

What time are the livestreamed lessons: We run the same lesson live 2x per week, once every Monday at 8:00 to 11:00 UTC and Tuesdays 14:00 to 16:00 UTC. We also have optional guest speaker sessions Wednesdays at various times. You can find all the lesson times and guest speaker times in the events tab of the portal.

How do I get my certification for this program? By finishing all of the assignments and projects in the freeCodeCamp certificate course. They’ll assign your certificate when you’re done!

Are we going to cover JavaScript in this course I’m sorry that we won’t. If there’s enough interest we would love to explore offering a JavaScript bootcamp in early 2022, but if you want to add some JavaScript skills to your understanding, freeCodeCamp offers a JavaScript module like the one we’re taking together now.

What happens if I miss a livestream?! It’s all ok! We’re not taking attendance. The livestreams are just to help support you as you learn. And we’ll post videos of all the livestreams to the forum afterwards.

Do I have to study at the same pace as the rest of the bootcamp? Heck no! If you want to race on ahead, that’s great. If you miss a week and need to catch up, that’s also fine. Even if you can’t complete the bootcamp with the rest of us, your work will stay up on freeCodeCamp for you to finish whenever you have time.

I’m a learner in a high risk area, where accessing learning materials like this could pose a safety threat to me Please contact us privately, we will help you with online security recommendations and provide you more secure channels for lessons and Q&A.