Welcome to the JavaScript Bootcamp! Let's introduce ourselves 🎉

Hey everybody!

Ramón here, I’ll be your instructor for this bootcamp. :wave: I’m so excited to be going on this journey with you!

Please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct for this program. It’s expected that you abide by these rules.

Next, please take the time to get to know your bootcamp portal where, amongst other things, you’ll find the course materials as well as the stream schedule.

Finally, I’d love to get to know you all! Please drop a reply down below telling us a little about yourself, as well as what you’re hoping to take away from this bootcamp!

I’ll go first:

:wave: I’m Ramón, I’m from Chile, living in Austria. For the last ten years, I’ve been working as a software engineer and developer advocate. I love animals as well as playing music. From this bootcamp, I’m hoping to help folks get familiar and comfortable with JavaScript and learn some new things!

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Hola Ramon!

I’m Manoel. I’m from Galicia, Spain, but I live in Belgium. It’s great to be here, and I look forward to meeting other learners and learning some JavaScript - I’ve tried some JS courses before but never seem to get to the end of the course by myself! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

PS: Went back to check, and sure enough, I’ve been at 73% in the Codecademy JS course for years. :sweat_smile:



Hi there, I’m Fabio from Brazil. I participated on the last webdev bootcamp and I was super curious about JS. BTW, I’ve first met Ramón in a special Saturday session iduring the webdev bootcamp and I couldn’t be happier to learn with him again! Really looking forward to it…


Hello Everyone!

My name is Rinn. I am currently working as a medical assistant, but hope to make a big career change! I am greatly looking forward to learning more about coding in general.


Hi everybody!

I’m Jolene from Sarnia, Canada. I was an English teacher for years and years mainly in China and decided to make a career switch since repatriating. I haven’t been able to get my head around JS and look forward to learning with everyone.


Hi Everyone!

I am Rainer, and I am a mechatronics graduate looking to integrate web development with IIoT. I am taking this exciting course to gain confidence in JavaScript.


Hi everyone! I’m Arpy. I’m a 15 years old girl who’s obsessed with coding. I’m so happy to be able to join this incredible community and improve my skills. I wish you luck!

P.S. My English may sound weird because I’m a non-native speaker, so don’t blame me.


Hello everyone, my name is Maciej. I am from Poland, my background is in IT - Technical and Software Support, but I want to make a career change, so I have been slightly dabbling in C# and Python for the past year, but then I decided to leave my workplace and make a switch to learning Web Development and pursue the role of a Junior Web Developer.

I tried The Odin Project, but it was somewhat hard to do on my own, so I thought this bootcamp would be ideal to tackle that challenge, as well as have the community to support me here. Also the projects in the detailed overview looked very interesting.


Hi everyone!

I’m Laura from Brazil, but currently living in Portugal. I work as a Marketing Analyst, but since the begging of 2021 I started learning web development so I can change my carrier. I already know a little bit of HTML, CSS em ReactJS, but I need to focus more in JavaScript so I’m looking forward to this course! :nerd_face:


Hi evryone my name is Mamadou Sarr i’m from Senegal i just got my bachelor in Software Engineering and i’m looking forward to master javascript and share my skills with freecodecamp’s awesome community.
I have learned many programming languages and databases system in school including javascript but many of those course was introductory and doesn’t talk about new js features that’s why i have enrolled in this bootcamp to deepen my js knowledge and get certified. :heart:


Hello to all!

My name is Angel Bracamontes, and I am from Mexico. My background is in Humanities (I have a Linguistics degree) but I am currently transitioning to web development because I just loooove to code (even tho I’m bad at it). I’ve tried The Odin Project but got stuck on the foundations, JavaScript’s at fault, so I’ve decided to try this opportunity to learn the lang and a lot of great people with similar interests along the way.

Super excited and really looking forward to contribute and meeting you!


Hello Ramon!

I’m Femi, I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I am glad to be here I look forward to polishing my Javascript skills


Hi Everyone!

I am James, and I look forward to learning with you!


Hello everybody! My name is Eduardo. I am from Washington state! And I work at Amazon as a Warehouse Associate! I am excited to begin this journey :slight_smile:


Hola and whazzup!! Rhonda (Sunflair) from the United States. I am so excited to be in this bootcamp to strengthen my JS skills. I don’t have a job yet, but looking to be a full stack developer.


Hi, my name is Tatyana. I look forward to this class :tada:


Hi I’m abeda. I’m starting my journey in software and am excited for this bootcamp and to strengthen my skills. You can follow me on twitter: twitter.com/wakeupmxabi


Hello every one,
I am Rokha. I come from France, and hopefully will have some confidences with JS with this bootcamp.



Hi Ramon, I’m glad to be here and know you. I’m Daniel and I’m from Romania. This is my first time doing a similar course. I look forward to know you and the others and I look forward to learn from you.
Thank you.


Hi Everyone,

I am Akash from Rajasthan , India. Looking forward to this exciting course.