⚠️ Changes to your forum account & login!


Previously, to join a Class Central Study Group, you had to create a forum account. We’ve changed this. Now, you simply log into the forum via your Class Central account.

  • If you already have a Class Central account with the same email as your forum account, then your two accounts have been linked automatically.

  • If you don’t have a Class Central account yet, create one with the same email as your forum account. Then, contact us via contact@classcentral.com, so we can link them.

  • If your Class Central account and forum account use different emails, contact us via contact@classcentral.com, mentioning both emails, and we’ll work with you to link them.

If you have any questions, let us know below or by email. :wink:



I created my Class Central account a few days before you posted this article. Does that mean my accounts are automatically linked, or do I have to email them?


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Hey Archisha,

We ran the “linking” script on the day I created this topic. So if you created your Class Central account before that and with the same email as your forum account, both should have been linked.

In practical terms, this just means that if you log out of the forum and try to log back in, you should be taken to the Class Central login page, where you’ll able to log into the forum with your Class Central credentials.

If that doesn’t work and you find yourself locked out of the forum and unable to reply here, please send me an email and we’ll fix it. :wink:

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Sounds good. Thanks, Manoel. :grinning:

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