Sending private message

hi guys,

forgive my ignorance β€” can someone please explain to me how I can send a private message to someone in the cohort forum. So far, I have received the message that I have responded to, but, have not been able to initiate a message.
Feel free to explain to me in a private message! Or respond here, so everyone understands how to use this PM feature! thanks in advance.

I would certainly prefer PM here to send an email when the message pertains to cohort-related topics that I need to discuss privately.

@Fabio @Mervyn

Click in your profile pic and then on the message icon.


Then you will have access to this page:

Then you can create a new message by clicking in that blue button. Just write it like a post but you can select the person you’re sending it to.

PS. There is also a keyboard shortcut: Just press g + m and it will open the message board.

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