New comer to this bootcamp

Helllo ,I’m Jeremi ,from india. Hey there ,I just enrolled for this bootcamp today! Am I too late?:sob::sob::worried:. I couldn’t enroll earlier cuz i was down with covid, just got back on my feet yesterday. Hope I’m not too late! Thank you.

Well, I have had kids home with Covid which put me behind, and just finished the first module…so I’m at least one person back with you!


Hey there! You can totally catch up at your own pace. The live lessons are meant to give folks the opportunity to clarify and ask questions with Q&A sessions, but other than that you can use the Discord and these forums to ask anything!

The recordings of the lessons are also up on the YouTube channel (you’ll find the links in the dashboard for this bootcamp)

We’re all here to support each other. Hope it goes well! <3

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Oh okaay, that sounds good to me ,cuz i felt really lost! By the way ,is there a discord server for this? How can I join it?

Sure thing! Please check out this link

Sorry to hear you had COVID; I hope you’re feeling better! I think you can definitely follow along. Just make sure to watch the previous videos up on the platform and ask questions in the Discord. For me, it’s been steady work the first half of each week, but then I need a lot to understand it. But it’s totally do- able!

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I’m just starting as well. I’ve been doing a security class at the same time and I’m a little bit behind.

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But what if I can’t finish the course on time? It’s kinda hard for me to learn the syntaxes, so I want to review all the challenges.

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Hi @arpyantonia

Dont worry, just follow the Bootcamp and then go back to the freecodecamp curriculum and finish it and your own pace. :v:
Happy coding


These forums and the Discord will still be active. So feel free to ask questions on either if you get stuck

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To this excellent course. Much success to all!

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