Resources for learning JavaScript besides this great class

Let’s add resources we’ve found helpful in trying to learn JavaScript.

One that’s been mentioned multiple times is the Mozilla Developer Network Web Docs which are very detailed and technical.

Another one that’s simpler and has lots of examples is the W3Schools JavaScript Tutorial.

What resources do you like?


I got the Jon Duckett web development book bundle for Christmas from family, and it includes this book: Javascript & JQuery

I’ve only got through the first couple of chapters, but I think it is a good way to reinforce the material we are learning in this bootcamp!


Here’s another one that I haven’t tried yet, but looks interesting:

1 Like is a great one.

Also, JavaScript on Exercism is a beautiful resource to practice problem solving skills.


Mentioned in the chat today by SYN The Artist :

Also pretty useful: Operator Lookup - Search JavaScript operators

I’ve been enjoying Learn JavaScript for free. It starts off by teaching basic JS by working on different web based products. So it’s a fix of what we’re learning here with, I think, the next freeCodeCamp certification.


An excellent tip is the Portugol Studio, developed in Brazil. Excellent for learning programming.

I have that one too and really like it!

Here you can start for free:

Hi there

I like this book for go deep into any topic, I use as a guide or when I try to understand something, apart w3schools or MDN:

David Flanagan / JavaScript - The Definitive Guide: Master the World’s Most-Used Programming Language
Wel explained and a lot of good examples. It seems all is there, lol, old schoold syntax for classes and all (till 2021) the newest syntax.

And this two webs:

for free, well explained and good examples/exercises.

for free till Arrays with good examples.

Happy coding guys,


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Hi leticiajaime2668007, do you know if Codecademy is completly free?, I’m checking the web and their info but I’m not quite sure, in any case thanks in advance

Codecademy has some free content. With a basic account you can access some of the lessons. As a paid member you can access more content, like projects and certificates. See here: Pricing | Codecademy

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Scrimba is awesome!!!

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