Where to Go After Learning JS?

As I’m sure many newbies like me must be, I’m confused as to where I should go next, after completing my HTML/CSS and JavaScript lessons on freeCodeCamp. Should I be learning about frameworks next? Something else? I’m really not sure what the next logical step would be for a complete newbie like me who wants to eventually be able to do some freelance front-end dev coding remotely. Does anyone have any good insight on this, preferably from experience? Also, I am convinced I will never EVER fully comprehend JS…just putting that out there. :smirk:


Hi @Charly

Don’t say that!! Don’t be so hard with yourself :sweat_smile:. Javascript is a wild and furious horse, but beautiful and wonderful when you tame him, or at least when is your friend, :wink: I think it is my friend already, :laughing:. Lots of things to do…

I am not a professional but I think that Scrimba courses are a great way to practice you recent skills and a good way to inspire you to start your own projects. Very practical all the courses and you will learn about the DOM as well. Free Courses in Scrimba. Their community is really active in Discord and a lot of people there happy to help and with more knowledge and time than me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another great course, well all courses he has for free are great, is JavScript30 by Wes Bos, a lot of good projects to practice and learn modern JS, even though is an old course. Follow him is you like his style because he is an imaginative guy and is always playing or trying to break something. :wink:

After start to feel confident with JavaScript you could start with React, for example, right now is easier to learn because it uses functional programming approach, so pretty much like writting JavaScript. Bob Ziroll is great for beginners, he explains things really great. He is on Scrimba and in FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel or News (without publicity).

If you are into graphic design, visual presentations or so… you could try D3 in Scrimba and freeCodeCamp, for example, or directly in their official web site.

If you like to build things even cooler and dinamic… Three.js library. Every ones recommends Bruno Simon course, probably the best you can take right now, the prize is good. Take a look to his personal page, just fantastic!!

I am into React, Angular and D3 right now, but I would love to try Bruno’s course. Saddly not for now, no time or money. :upside_down_face: :joy:

But if you share what kind of things you would like to do maybe we could share resources more interisting for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let us know and happy coding Charly!!!

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Hello @Charly , don’t be pessimistic about JS, learn it step by step until it become your friend. I started learning it intensively 3months, but i am surprised with what I’ve been achieving with it. @carlost2672543 has said it all, don’t be too hard on yourself. With the help of genuine folks here, you can accomplish so much more than you think.

stay around.
Happy coding!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:@Timiphil and @carlost2672543. Problem is, I guess I don’t really know what I’m into, yet, because so much of the web dev world is still a mystery to me! For instance, I see a lot of people talking about Git and using Github to share coding projects. So I created a Github account and was immediately overwhelmed with the realization that I had NOOOO clue what to even do with it haha! I go on there and look at what other people have done, and I don’t know how they did that. They share code, but then how do you actually “see” what the code is doing (spoiled by freeCodeCamp’s built-in preview during HTML/CSS class I guess!)? It’s little things like this that have me like :thinking:…So should I start there? Or is there a real basic course that teaches you a little bit about all of these different parts of the tech world that I can pick through and then figure out my own roadmap?

I suppose if I had to answer, I would say that I like seeing what I create become a usable, aesthetically pleasing webspace. I also enjoy proofreading, believe it or not (part of my current career), and finding errors, if that helps.

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Hi @Charly

Don’t worry about it. We all ignore lots of things, unfortunately for me, I know a good part of what I ignore :sweat_smile: :rofl:, web dev world is huge and changing every day. So no worry about it, just follow you heart.

I think the best way to start with Git and GitHub it is just start using those tools in your own HTML and CSS projects. VS Code implement both tools right now, making it easier to use. Both even have interfaces, so not need to start with the command line.
GitHub and Git.
Also here their cheat sheet.

From offical Git page you can dowload the book Pro Git, you can use it as reference. I think only one thing have changed, now Master is called Main, just a naming thing to avoid the word master for another with less bad history behind.
GitHub Docs link, their online guide to start working with it.

Here you will find an interactive sandbox* to learn and practice Git before you start with your own projects (https://learngitbranching.js.org/).

And a online and visual cheat sheet to help you as you start here.

My only advice: start to play with it, use a username and email only for that (you can change this, but to start may is a bit complicate, in GitHub Docs more info) about hidden your e-mail. You can set up your profile or repositories to private as well, and hide the email for everyone there. You can get repositories with Git or just download the code directly to your device from Code button on GitHub.

You could start setting your GitHub profile and make it a bit prettier too :smile:, practicing with the sandbox, VS Code and GitHub interface (or online in their web), for example.

I started to play with this and still checking the basic things sometimes, so not worries Charly at your own pace. As italians says piano piano (baby steps). :wink:

Happy coding and stay safe! :smile:


Sooooo much to learn, soooo many resources :sweat_smile:! I’ll tell you what I ended up doing today - I found a Programming 101 course on Udemy that I’ve started watching - and I LIKE IT. I think I should perhaps have started with these basics before getting to the fun stuff :rofl:! I think I really needed to start from the beginning. I also found some other stuff before I came back and saw your comment here, but as soon as some things in my personal life settle (mom in hospital, holidays, etc.), I can’t wait to sit down with my laptop at home while my husband is hunting and get truly immersed!!! Thank you again, my friend!

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Hi @Charly

Ha ha ha, no problem. There are a lot of things to learn, but I think it is better follow your passions, go for those things you want to do and start working from there. My only advice try always go up a level or two of your actual knowledge or you will end up in the tutorial hell. Always watching or working on some basics of something, in the confort zone.

If you tell us what do you like to do or learn we could give you some ideas, I know some paid courses too. For example, this one is from a profesional developer and you can try for free a lot of lessons and challenges, check it out: Learn JavaScript. He has also other courses. I have done the 83% of it already and it have improved my javascript’s skills for sure. But being honest I think when I really have started to feel better about my JavaScript skills is during October when I was able to sit in front of my computer without no one bothering me and having the time necessary to learn, practice, think about it and practice more. The rest of the year was craaaazy! :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Be consistent and determined with your ultimate goal. You can do it! :v:

If you got tired of read my really looooooooooong answers :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: just read below:

I am sorry to hear about your mother, I hope she feels better soon and all of you can enjoy holidays together. Probably the best of gifts. :gift_heart:

Happy coding, enjoy your life and take care Charly!

Carlos ! Thank you for lots information put together !!!

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Thank you very much Tóth, I really appreciate your kind message! :smile:

It makes me happy that the time I have dedicated to searching resources is helping others now. That is the whole purpose to share knowledge, that way you won’t lose your time doing it. Team work! :mechanical_arm:

Happy coding and have a great weekend! :sunglasses:

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