I want to continue with JavaScript since am done with responsive web design what I want know is can I continue with the JavaScript on my own pace…?

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Here is the playlist for the last javascript bootcamp, it’s also with freeCodeCamp’s curriculum

Hi @nurainiapanti2925855

Congratulations!! As @Tzerio have told you freeCodecamp JavaScript curriculum is pretty good, and Ramón lessons are fantastic to fully understand.

I also recommned you follow this Scrimba course at the same time because is very practical and it will help you to practice the new skills as you learn. You can check out other Scrimba course because there are good stuff there too. And a great community as well.

After that I wouldn’t recommend you this part of the curriculum https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/front-end-development-libraries/ but the final projects it might help you though, you can jump into them after. If you like to try JS libraries you can go to Bob Ziroll React Course, in Scrimba for free and in freeCodeCampo Youtube Channel (a lot of good courses there) as well. D3.js in Scrimba and freeCodeCamp if you want to manage data from APIs and build great visualization. Just ideas.

If you love JS animations and you can afford it… Three.js by Bruno Simon. I think that right now is the best course in the world about it. His web page is amazing, you can move around using the arrow keys and a car. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Apart of that:

Conquering Responsive Web Design | Kevin Powell to reinforce your knowledge about CSS basics and flexbox.

Wes Bos Courses also for free and fantastic about Flexbox, Grid and JavaScript projects (they are old but he was playing with the new stuff, so still great and up to date). Wes Bos is a really imaginative guy so his videos will give you some deep knowledge and ideas too.

Another guy with a lot of great web content is Brad Traversy in his channel Traversy Media.

I know more resources, but I think with this ones you are fully cover. :sweat_smile: :smile:

Keep the good work and congrats again!!

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Hi Carlos. I just wanted to thank you for always sharing so many informative resources in your posts. Also, you are always so encouraging to others, and have a way of making everyone feel very at ease. I always look forward to reading what you have to say, and I just wanted you to know that! Thank you!! :raised_hands: :grin:


Thank you so much @Charly , that just really touched my potatoe, I mean heart, just an spanish expression. :upside_down_face: :joy:

I think just repeat myself a bit answering you in other post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:, but just go direct to the links , I am too verbose, lol.

Thank you again for you kind messages, perfect timing also, loved it.

Connect with me in LikendIn if you wish, happy to have you in my network and know about you.

Happy coding!

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