Small little online lessons outside of FCC that can help you learn more/deeper

Thought we might start collecting some of the things we come across that we find helpful.

Want to learn more Flexbox? Try Flexbox Froggy !
Small tip for those who have already gone through the Flexbox lesson (lesson #6, I believe) and want to know more. Try Flexbox Froggy! It’s cute and fun and a good primer on all the things you can do with Flexbox.


There are several very good resources, and gamified learning is heaps of fun.

I know of plenty more sites let me know if I should post more.


Oh, brilliant! Thank you so much for these! I can already tell I’m going to love this thread as a resource to go back to.

Ramón also mentioned these on Discord yesterday:

For learning grid:

For learning CSS selectors:


Guys I need help in css step 59 urgently how can I impact font of h1 and h2…?

h1, h2 {
font-family: …;

Ooh, thank you all for sharing these! I love a good learning game. :ok_hand: And Flexbox Froggy looks adorable, can’t wait to check it out once I get to the flexbox lessons.

CSSBattle is interesting though… They call it a game, but based on the preview video, it looks like it’s actually just the same setup as freeCodeCamp? I wonder what makes it a game. Or maybe I should just think of what we’re doing on freeCodeCamp as having been a game all along!

And thanks for mentioning Code Wars–I’ve heard of it before, but I never bothered to join until just now! I listed freeCodeCamp as my “clan” for now, but I wonder if folks around here would be interested in creating a new Class Central clan or something?

…okay and now I’m playing CSS Diner and hey, this one is great!! These explanations are so good! I had no idea there were so many kinds of selectors, wow… Here I was struggling just to remember the difference between class selectors and id selectors, but it’s so cool finding out there’s all this stuff like adjacent sibling selectors too. And I’m not even halfway through the game! No wonder this bootcamp has so many lessons on CSS!


Since we talked about regular expressions today…

  • If anybody wanted to learn the details about how regular expressions work and how to write them, here’s an interactive tutorial that I had bookmarked: RegexOne
  • While I’m at it, reposting the link Kinjal gave us for a place to write and test regular expressions: regex101 (looks like it has a library of examples too!)

And then, regarding the different kinds of length units in CSS, here’s an article I liked. I thought it was a little easier to understand than the MDN reference.


Perhaps less a direct learning source, as it contains books of all kinds of (programming) topics, but it has sections on both HTML and Javascript: a maintained collection of freely available programming books:


Thank you for that Flexbox Froggy game, it helped me a lot. I was struggling in understanding how Flexbox was working and that awesome game made me understand the concept.


Okay - this is not directly a learning resource but more of a ‘how to craft your cv better’ topic. It was posted in discord by DarkLordV and I think a cross-post here is a good idea:

On algorithmic resume sifting 1

On algorithmic resume sifting 2


I need two videos recording of Jess pls d last session and second to d last painting of rathoka and of yesterday video pls

Hi Nuraini, your post is not exactly on topic :slight_smile: but all the information is posted on the cohort page here:

and on the discord channel here: Discord

You can find it also by going the class central YT channel and look through the live steam recordings.

I hope this helps!

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Another one for all of you that want to take accessibility seriously from the get go. Just launched: Learn Accessibility


Hi there Syl

You are gem @syllie. I have put that link on my todo list, I am afraid is too large. :sweat_smile: :joy:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :smile:

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