Ensemble Programming Opportunities

Ramon brought up Ensemble Programming in the first lesson Q&A, and I thought it would be useful to have a shared resource during the course for links to any of those that come up during the course.

I’m not a moderator, but this thread should be focused on links and resources for ensemble programming opportunities, but not advertisements.

Thanks, and let’s learn together!


I’ve been through all of these lessons and am working on the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section. I signed up for this because some lessons are glossed over and not explained super well, I think having input from Ramon and others will help round out what is taught here.

Some resources I found helpful for this course:
W3 Schools - JavaScript Tutorial

  • This site lets you pick out a topic like Javascript Loop For and it tells you how they work and gives examples as well as playgrounds for you to better see how it works.

Mozilla MDN - JavaScript | MDN

  • This is a great technical resource for JavaScript

For those who are just testing the waters of programming, after finishing this Javascript course, I highly recommend looking into watching through the CS50 online program from Harvard. The Youtube videos are free to watch (aka audit). You won’t get a certificate or anything upon completion, but there is an absolute wealth of knowledge and programming fundamentals you can learn.

CS50 2020 - Lecture 0 - Scratch - YouTube – CS50 Harvard, Lesson 0.


Actually, you can get a free certificate if you finish all the problem sets and a final project!
I finished the course last year, and it was absolutely an amazing experience, I would highly recommend it. More details can be found here: CS50x 2022


We have an article about it :blush:


For coding away or separate from the FreeCodeCamp lessons, you can use https://CodePen.io. It is great for simple Javascript coding and testing.


That’s a good one too, and I feel silly for not thinking of it since I use it nearly every day lol. I use the paid subscription since it lets you store files there which gave convenient access to them when I was doing FreeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Development curriculum.

Thank you for this, manoel!

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The course: Harvard University – CS50x – 2022 Introduction to Computer Science. This reformulated is simply sensational, the way of learning is for everyone.
I started this month, I recommend it with great satisfaction and I wish everyone to take this course.


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