Three new study groups starting June 16th: Learn about Redis, Excel for Data Analysis, and A Life of Happiness

We loved the Mountains 101 study group experience so much, that we decided to continue the experience. This time we are doing three study groups in parallel and each of them start on 2021-06-16T07:00:00Z. The three courses are as follows:

The first two courses are also offering free certificates.

The weekly live session hosted by @DavidHik’s have been really amazing. So we have made this a common feature for the new study groups. Though in many cases we might not be lucky to have an instructor like David involved in the study group, but I think it can still serve as opportunity to get to know each other.

At least for one course, A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment the instructor Dr. Raj will be joining us for the live sessions.

More information below!


Quick update. We had 800+ learners who registered interest for the “summer semester” of the study group. The invites were just sent :slight_smile: