🆕 Study Group: History of Science Crash Course by Hank Green

Hello All! We are continuing our Study Group experiments and the next one starts September 13th.

This time we will be taking Hank Green’s History of Science Crash Course. If you are not familiar with Crash Course, it is a popular educational YouTube channel with over 1.5 billion views. Hank Green is also a TikTok sensation with over 300M likes

In the Mountains 101 course we learnt about experiments by scientists to explore the ill effects of altitude in the late 1800’s. We also went over some of evolution of theories of mountain building.

This inspired the topic for this study group.

Unlike some of previous study groups, there will be no instructor participation. But it will be led by one of study group regulars @Fabio. You can read his review of our inaugural Mountains 101 study group.


Thanks Dhawal

I’m so thrilled with that new study group! I’m looking forward to studying with my fellow peers again.

BTW, Hank is really entertaining on TikTok, I’ve been watching his videos everyday. :sweat_smile:


Can’t wait for the sessions to begin! Looking forward to learning from you, @Fabio. :grinning:


This is going to be a great opportunity for all of us to learn and to share with our classmates.


No pressure, but we expect the same from you…


Hi, Thank’s by the first instructions in the Forum, and in the History of Science study group. Very happy to participate!

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