Feedback/Ideas for the study group?

Hello All!

Would love to hear your any thoughts you have on the study group. Ideas on how to make the study group experience more engaging are also welcome.

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For those of us near mountains, it would be neat to have “practical” exercises or suggestions. I love mountains and moved to the Pacific Northwest (outside of Portland) to actually be closer to mountains. In-person assignments or tasks or activities could be neat. Even if we’re all over the world.


In the past, some MOOCs had in-person office (also streamed virtually), and I think the pandemic would pose a challenge for in-person activities.

Nevertheless, for this study group I would like to hear stories and anecdotes from experienced hikers, as I have never climbed a mountain :sweat_smile:. I would love to learn recommendations on equipment, apps, gear, locations and more. Personal experiences from fellow classmates are a great way to season and “extend” a MOOC.


I agree with Orlando. Weekly office hours/discussion sessions via Zoom (or similar) would be the best way to enhance engagement. I’m not exactly sure who would lead that, but putting faces to names and having some live interaction makes a big difference.

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Hi @orlando - you are in luck.

At the end of most lessons we include a Tech Tip, a series of short practical tips and tricks to safely enjoy your time in the mountains. To do this, we’ve enlisted Canadian mountain guide Matt Peter and field ecologist Laura Redmond.
They’ll share some information on topics from picking the best footwear for hiking to best avalanche safety practices.

Of course, I agree that it would be great to have others in the Study Group share some of their tips too!


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this; let me know and I’ll be happy to move it to a better spot.

I’ve created a Cerego memory set for this course. I’ve done this for other moocs and it helps me keep ideas active; you know how easy it is to forget what happened in Lesson 1 once you’re doing lesson 5! Then, months later, it’s fun to get the questions again (they used a spaced repetition system so they show up less frequently over time) and remember the mooc.

If anyone’s interested, you can access it at
You will have to create a Cerego account, but it’s free and painless.
I’m not an educator, so what’s in there is kind of random and based on what I found interesting or wanted to remember. I’ve found just the creation of the memory sets is very useful in learning and remembering the material (I’m older, so memory is something of an issue for me).


This is great. I will check it out after I am partially through the course.

Without any final exams I feel like we just go through the material in one direction and never have to reflect back. So something likes this can be really useful.

Right now there’s only the material from the first three weeks (yeah, I kinda jumped right in) but I’ll add to it as we go on.

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Hi Orlando,
This seems like a great idea. Is there a way to start a forum thread from stuff like that? Experienced hikers can post something about their favorite piece of gear or must have equipment or app or whatever. I’d love a place to share gear lists too.


Hey Raylin, if you want feel free to start a new forum thread on hiking gear/equipment recommendations. Any registered user here can start a thread.

I’ve been told the above link doesn’t work; Cerego has provided a correction:
If there are still problems, pls let me know.


Thank you for sharing! I just tried and this link worked for me. It was fun to go through the topics from last week. aI agree about how you can lose stuff quickly, especially as we are going through the course at a fast pace. This is so much mor fun than my usual practice of trying to recall and skimming previous content.


Oh good, I’m glad it’s helpful. I’ll be adding the material from Lessons 4,5, and 6 over the next few days.


This is great. Thanks, Karen!

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