Unable to Join Study Group

Hi @Heba

Thanks for providing the link to join the study group for Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis. However, I am facing a problem in joining this group.

I had filled out the Google Form to join two study groups, A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment, and Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis. I joined the first one, but when I tried to join the latter, it told me, “Sorry! This invitation is intended for new users, who do not already have an existing account.”. Does this mean that I can join only one study group?

Thanks a lot.


Archisha Bhar

Hey @Archisha,

Short answer is no. You can see which study groups you belong to and join other ones here: group.classcentral.com/g

Long answer is that we are using the software called Discourse and still in the process of figuring how it works and make it work for the study groups.

Since you mentioned up for two different study groups, you received two separate invitations. The invitations were specifically to create an account, but it also added you to the study group for the first invitation you accepted. So all it is saying is that you already have an account created.

Thanks for bring this to our attention. We will try to improve on the invitation system next time.

Behind the scenes, we are also adding people like you who signed for multiple courses to appropriate groups by comparing the google form data with what groups you are currently part of. You will notice that you have been already added to the excel for fundamentals study group.

Hope this clarifies!


Thank you @dhawal.

That means I will be able to join more than one study group. Good to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:
Hoping to have a wonderful experience!

Archisha Bhar