New Curriculum for Responsive Web Design

Hi @jesslynnrose:

FreeCodeCamp is publishing a new curriculum for the Responsive Web Design Certification. It is more project-based for us to learn HTML and CSS, rather than task-based. Would you consider trying to teach this beta course later in your January BootCamp or onwards? Thank you.

Link to the new curriculum:


Hello! This is something we’ve discussed internally and we’ll be sticking with the existing curriculum while this new one is in beta. We think it’ll be easier for learners to work through the existing curriculum as it’s easier to find from the fCC homepage.

Update: Scratch that! After giving a good, long look the beta curriculum, it looks too good to pass! So we’re going with the beta curriculum.


Thank you. Still, will you consider switching to the new curriculum in future bootcamps?


Actually, we decided to switch to the beta curriculum, since it looks just… better. Thanks for nudging us in that direction. :grinning:


Yeah, I can’t wait for this!!

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Beta version has been great so far! I’ve just done the first lesson, but have already found some of the concepts to be more clearly explained (ie forms, inline, and self-closing tags). Could be experience, but I think it’s also a better delivery. Thanks for switching!


So for one to be clear, we’re now using the new curriculum (beta version) instead of the former curriculum. I just want to be clear so as to not get confused.

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Yep, this one :wink:

Following this schedule:

Hi, everybody I have an urgent question: Today we will have to do 159 lessons (the second and first item)?!!
Thank you and sorry for being annoying

The new curriculum is pretty awesome. The old one was a bit like


It’s good to have them both, though. I think JS course should also go in the same direction.


I had already completed the first two parts of the original curriculum long ago and this new beta curriculum seems even better. Thanks for making your mind up and following this renewed insight’s direction.


You’re not being annoying at all! We’re asking that you try to do the first 3 projects this week. But it’s ok if you need some more time! Everything is ok!


The JS one will have a new curriculum soon as well!


Okey, jsjsjsjsjsjs, thank you

Umm…I didn’t see that I should do the beta curriculum until I’d finished the old/regular HTML curriculum (I clicked on the first webdev box instead of the last). Should I start over with the beta? Also, I am way behind! Thanks!! Beth


Hey, there’s no need to re-do it! If you’ve finished the classic curriculum, you’ll still get a certificate! It’s the same information with gently different presentation. If you’re done, really all you need to do is celebrate and be proud of yourself as you plan what you want to learn next!