[Week 10] Eastern: CSS Flexbox

It’s time for our tenth live lesson! We’re going to learn about CSS Flexbox together.

If this time doesn’t work well for you, we’ll be covering the same material in tomorrow’s stream.

You can watch the live stream on Twitch or YouTube. Here are the links:

Time: 2021-10-25T08:00:00Z2021-10-25T10:00:00Z

To get the most out of this session, make sure you’ve already signed up for an account at freeCodeCamp.com and enrolled in the Responsive Web Design certification track. Many learners report that they get more out of the live sessions if they do the lessons on their own first and watch these lessons as a review. Others like to use these streams as a preview and do the lessons later. Yet others like to follow along with these lessons. Experiment to find out what works best for you!

Videos will be available on Twitch and YouTube afterwards.

Hi @Mervyn, may you all consider a unified streaming platform in the future? As for we learners, we hope to have our chat on one unified platform, but now in Youtube and Twitch separately. That will be easier for us to refer to the messages that @jesslynnrose referred. Thank you!

Heya! So whenever I’m talking about a specific question or point I’ll put that on the screen and read it for you all.

I’ve got a strong personal preference against steering folks at any specific big-tech platform to access the material, as I want folks to have as much choice in privacy and other preferences as possible. If it were 100% up to me I would simultaneously stream across every single platform I could :sweat_smile: