Let's learn together!

Hey guys this is Ahmed!

I’m going to take this bootcamp seriously, and I’m looking for a learning buddy!
Someone who’s willing to learn with me and build some projects together. he or she has to be able to communicate in either English or Arabic.

we’ll use github to collaborate and work on our projects, and also, we can use Telegram to text or email.

so if you are interested let me know ^-^

Note: I already know some JavaScript.


Ahmed, hi.

My name’s Val. Where do uou want to communicate?

Cheers, bro

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Hi Ahmed, I am Product designer trying to learn front-end skills to complement my design skills. I’ll love to have you as my study mate.

How do we link up?


Hey, Ahmed,
I speak both if you want to collaborate on some project. It would be my pleasure.
Note: I already know web design (Html, CSS)


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Hi Ahmed,

I’m on this seriously too, I don’t have any background on JS or programming in general but will appreciate having some help to boost me up. Let me know how we can connect and hopefully, my timezone (I’m in the Caribbean) won’t be a problem.

Best regards,

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Hi Ahmed,

I’m Patricia. I’m also looking for a learning buddy too! I’d love to learn this and build project with you. I’ve learnt about HTML and CSS but still need a lot to learn in JS. I speak english.


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Hi Ahmed, I already know some Javascript too, how do we link up.

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Hi Patricia,
We can be learning buddies if you want. I’m also at the same level of learning as you are, I’ve learnt HTML, CSS and I’m tackling JavaScript. We can use social media or email.

Best regards


Sure thing! we can be learning buddies~! What social media do you use? I’ll contact you there


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I’m interested please send me your WhatsApp number let’s begin from there please

Let’s link up my WhatsApp number +2349023784811 I’m always available guys pls dm me let’s start thank you

What’s goodie! Let’s help each other to get through this javascript bootcamp!

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Hey, we can use Telegram or Discord!

Here’s my telegram user name: @a520b
And here’s my Discord id: Ahmed Al-tariqi#0660


That’d be so nice, looking forward to work with you brother!

We can use Telegram or any app that you want!

Here’s my telegram username: @a520b

Let me hear from you soon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome bro nice to meeting you!

Hit me up and we’ll learn a lot Insha’Allha!

Hey hencylara :wave:t2:

It’d be my pleasure to bring you up to speed and hopefully work on bigger projects together in the near future!

I think timezone difference won’t be a problem as we’ll collaborate using GitHub.

Hey patricia

That sounds great, definitely looking forward to work with you and exchange knowledge while learning and progressing towards our goals!

Here’s my Telegram username: @a520b

Let me know if you want to communicate using a different platform :slight_smile:

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Telegram is a better option, what do you think?

Let me know how can we can get in touch!

hi Amed ,
I would like to work and build some projects together also speak both English and Arabic

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