Keep in touch!

Hey folks, somebody asked on the forum, if y’all wanna keep in touch, my Twitter is here

Post whatever kind of socials you’d like to keep in touch too.

And remember, this is just the beginning, keep posting here and on Discord! I’ll be around :purple_heart:


Hey all! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn. Wishing you all the best, looking forward to seeing you all succeeding as the superstar coders you are! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you. And the same to you as well! I’ll give you a follow on those three platforms.

Here are my links as well: Twitter, GitHub, Linkedin


Thanks Jacob! I’ve followed you on all 3 platforms, so excited to see what amazing things you create one line of code at a time :grinning:


And oh no! Now I have to remember to post things. I’m terrible at that! lol

And I’ve followed you both! :smile:

Haha I’m the worst a remembering to post as well. I’ll go through a period where I remember to update everyone on my progress then I’ll get son enthralled in what I’m doing that I totally forget. No worries Jacob, networking is still networking whether you post consistently or not I’m glad to have connected with you :purple_heart:

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Thank you Luca, in the process of returning the favor right now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @hola_soy_milk and all!!

I am Carlos, from Spain. I am 47, in case that its important for you ;D.
I can follow you in english, spanish or portugues easily, in french or italian I will understand some parts and others dont lol. I hope I can improve my languages skills soon and even start to learn German too. We’ll see, because first its first, right?

You can hit me here for now:
SKYPE user: car2towers (cute hairy tiny dog picture)
LINE ID: car2t (galicia pie picture and house bye the sea and small boat picture)
Telegram user: @car2po74owers (Prague’s views from its Castillo picture and Berlin’s graffiti picture )
(I am still working on my LinkedIn profile, I just got too busy this months).

I will make a Twitter account to follow you guys! Happy to colaborate with you all!!

Thank you all for these wonderful Bootcamps!!! ;D

Hi @Jacobra_the_Great

I am following you on LinkedIn already but it seems I cant contact you. If you interested you can follow my link.

Thank you and happy coding!! :smiley:

Well, I’m not on twitter. I do have a linkedin account, but I’m not using it, it’s old and dusty…
I don’t even have a github account, but I guess I ought to get one.
Now I feel disconnected… ^^

@carlost2672543 I just turned 40 this year. Still struggling with feeling somewhat old now… lol
I’m a German native speaker, in case you need help with German someday. But I must warn you, I once heard a lecture on German grammar, and I decided to give up, I’d never learn that language! - Then I realized that I can say things correctly without knowing the grammar rules, because I’m a native speaker! phew! - Now I have great respect for people studying German! ^^

… Maybe I should go and see if I can dust off that linkedin??

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Hi everyone, I think this bootcamp was a great opportunity to learn with a community. Pat-pat to everyone!

I also wanted to share a blog I recently created, I’m actually scared to say a blog - it’s more like notes of things about programming I learned/read about as a beginner, not only about JavaScript as well. Just in case you might find something useful and would like to subscribe, there’s an RSS feed link at the bottom of the page. Also, feel free to check out my hopefully-will-get-better-one-day GitHub.

Happy coding!


Hi @ilona

Lol, thank you. I won’t study grammar at all, it is not the best way to grasp a new language. Probably though I’ll read some german’s grammar after I can speak normally because I like linguistics too.
It would be great have someone to speak with so thank you very much, I could teach spanish or galician, lol, if you want.
You can contact me there or with another app, I dont mind, I think I have zoom too, but any will be fine.
Let me know, happy weekend ;D

Oooh, nice @rivea :ok_hand:
I will try to follow you. Keep working and be proud of it. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Happy weekend!! ;D

P.S. @rivea It don’t let me suscribe to you RSS. I don’t know if it is me, I’ll check later. It looks great. David Flanagan’s book is fantastic, a bit intimidating at first, at least for me, lol.

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Thanks so much!
For the RSS thing, it requires an RSS reader app (something like Feedly). So, you can copy that link and add it to your RSS reader of choice. It’s not actually something I implemented, it came as a bonus with the template I used for the site. I’d been using RSS for a while instead of email subscriptions to keep up with some news, and thought it was a nice thing to have as well.
And, Flanagan’s book is indeed intimidating! I’m still at the beginning though, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks again, have a nice weekend! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, thank you @rivea

I imagined it was my problem, good to know. It is a nice thing Eda, I’ll check it.
You might want to read this book first “JavaScript from Beginner to Professional” (Packt-2021) AA.VV., and use David Flanagan’s one as a guide or just to go deeper in some topics, or just try his examples because they are great to learn.
Happy weekend!! :smiley:

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Hi everyone, I think it’s an excellent idea to stay in touch and continue growing together. I share my Github profile, I hope that soon we will be helping each other in some projects. :keyboard::computer::+1:

Here are my link::smiley: