Discord server for Web Development and JavaScript Bootcamp?

Hey everyone,

My name is Maciej and I am currently in Central European Time (CET) time zone (Poland), looking to see if there are any Discord servers setup for people who are doing both bootcamps at the same time? Also, if there are Discord servers for either boot camp running this is also fine.

I’d like to find people, ideally in my time zone or near my timzone, to collaborate and work with throughout the bootcamps.


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Hi @maciejm2695389,

This forum is to connect with fellow learners and discuss all bootcamp related stuff. So you put your thoughts/ queries here, someone will address them!

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Also, you may visit this topic to find out the learners from Poland :poland: !!

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Thanks for the link and info!

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Hey Maciej, We have only 2 hours time gap. If you wanna collaborate and work on projects hit me up via discord. İremOztimur#6963

Hello! I have sent you a friend request, thanks!