Moving further with Javascript, but not alone!

Hi Everyone! This is Sachin

Since we all are beginners and need some support and motivation from each other to learn and move ahead in our complete learning journey, I have made a telegram group.

This grp is only to maintain consistency and stop procrastinating our weekly goals ,bz a grp sharing common goals would not let us being diverted in the journey.

Let’s begin learning javascript from this coming monday(11thOct). Date can be discussed.

All those who feel alone in our learning path like me, please feel free to join the grp.


I just started learning Javascript in the last month, so I would definitely be interested in this.

Join the grp David! And introduce yourself there.

Great idea. I’ll probably join as well. Not familiar with Telegram at all. But that can be remedied.

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Glad you liked the idea Kathrin!

Maintaining a group on Telegram is easy.

Once I thought of discord., but it is little overwhelming for beginners I think.

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I want to flag that this (potentially really useful!) looking group isn’t being run or administered by the bootcamp team.

We’ll be making some announcements shortly about JS and other future topics!


Hi Jessica! Is JS is what you gonna start as a bootcamp after this response web design bootcamp…?

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Sachin, sorry to disappoint. I’ll have to give it a miss. I didn’t realise Telegram depended on having the app installed on your phone. I already have way too many messaging apps installed as it is. It’s getting a bit out of hand. All the best with the group though! Enjoy learning together!

No issues kathrin.

Happy Learning :tada:

What an excellent idea, @sachinbaranwa2606705! I use Telegram, and though I’m not familiar with the groups, I’ll try to catch up soon and join yours. I’ve started Javascript and Frontend libraries along with this bootcamp, so I really might use some collaboration and motivation.