JavaScript Bootcamp: Preparation and Reminder!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re as excited as I am about starting the bootcamp tomorrow :sparkles:

Just a quick reminder that in order to claim your freeCodeCamp certificate and learn with us these next 6 weeks, you will need to make a freeCodeCamp account.

Remember, the lessons will be recorded, so there’s no pressure to code along during the live portion. You can do this at your own pace!


Hello, am Timothy from Lagos, in Nigeria. Studied oil and gas processing engineering but my goal is to transition to web and app development, due to my love for coding and programming. Thanks for starting this bootcamp Ramon. I believe my aim would achieved!


Hello Everyone. I’m KINI Biè Honoré and you can call me HonoKini from Burkina Faso, currently looking to learn programming languages. I’m enthusiastic about this bootcamp as this is a starting point for me.
Thank you for this opportunity.


Thanks! It’s good to know.


what a relief, I thought that we are obliged to join the live session and in my time zone the live session is during work hour

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Hey there!

On the contrary, this is absolutely meant to be self-paced. So please don’t worry about time frames. You can complete this bootcamp at your own pace.

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Hi All,

Mandeep from Nepal. I am looking forward to learning some Javascript.
Let’s do this!

Hello All,
I am unable to join the live session due to my schedule, please how can i get the recorded lessons.

Hello Ramon, could you please tell me how i can get the recorded lessons as I will be unable to join the live session due to my job.

Hi there! You’ll find the YouTube links in the bootcamp dashboard in

@hola_soy_milk Sir, firstly thank you so much for an amazing session.
Could you please tell us if we will be getting only the Free codecamp certificate or a Class Central bootcamp certificate as well?

Thank you for the video and your time today, great work

Hi Divya,

You’ll be getting the freeCodeCamp one!

Hello sir,
Thank you so much for your reply.
Also, sir I am from India, and today is Teacher’s Day.
I wish you Happy Teacher’s Day sir.

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Update: Answered my own question. Found link in email. Hi, I’m wondering if someone can tell me where/how to access the live sessions (and find the schedule for the live sessions). Thanks.

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Hello everyone! Really excited to be here and I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible.

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Hi everyone, I am Keziah from Nigeria, a scientist looking to transition to tech, it’s been a challenging one doing it on my own…, I believe this is the right platform to gain knowledge and mastery all thanks to the Host and sponsors of this program and also to the instructors…, looking forward to enlightening sessions with you Ramon.

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Today i missed the live portion because i was confused with time.
Can you please tell the time in East African Time (EAT) am from Uganda

Joseph, it would be 10 am your time.

Hello all. I’m Claudia from Nigeria. Been trying to learn coding on my own to transition into the tech space, but never seem to keep up, I’m always getting stuck somewhere. Hopefully this bootcamp will help and keep me grounded.