Concerns regarding the time arrangements for live streams

Hi @hola_soy_milk,

May you please consider arranging the three live streams on a week to different time slots? I see there are usually three live stream sessions per week, and I believe it will be good if we can arrange them at a different time so that people in different time zones can join in either day live. Please kindly consider the change and thank you.


Hi Max,

Thank you very much for your message and for voicing this.

If you’ve attended the previous cohort of the Free Web Development Bootcamp, you’ll know that lessons were weekly, repeated at different timezones on Mondays and Tuesdays to accommodate several timezones.

The idea for this cohort is to instead hold several lessons per week, held at the same time, in order to be consistent for learners. This will be done for both the Free Web Development Bootcamp, which will be held at an earlier time, and this one.

For the next cohort (no dates yet, but it should come soon after this one!), we’ll hold this bootcamp’s live streams at a different time. This should enable us to accommodate more time zones in a more dedicated way.

I’m afraid this means that the lessons for this cohort will stay as-is.

The lessons will be saved on YouTube and discussions on the forums can be held at any time.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

PS: You can find all the recordings on the bootcamp’s event page here.


Due to fulltime working I will only attend via youtube, alas. Hope I can follow nevertheless.
Best, Birgit

I’m in the same boat as well.

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Me three too. I work during the day.

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Being in Australia the live stream happens at 1am which is when I’m fast asleep so I think YouTube will be the only way here.


Me too, I’m from Hong Kong.

Just that I’ll replay through Twitch lol.


Hi. i am Adeosun Oluwaferanmi from Nigeria. so excited to be here.

I feel you… Me too…
For any help just throw a message here in the forum.
Nothing can stop you! :muscle:t5:

Hi, I want to ask how do I connect to see the live stream? Because I wasn’t able to find this out and I’ve lost the first day…
Please let me know as soon as possible and if I can attend to the next live session.
Thank you.

You can find all the upcoming class videos on the CC Cohort Events area (Class Central Login)

I couldn’t find the link to the video in the actual CC Cohort area, and ended up having to go back to YouTube and I just looked up Class Central there, and then under videos I sorted by newest and found the JavaScript live stream.


In the event section if you scroll all the way down, after the upcoming events you’ll see past event recordings.


You can just open the link and wait for the live stream. It’s pretty convenient :wink:
Past recordings can be found here as well.

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