Live Stream question

Hi, just wondering if an option to add the live stream date and time to my calendar will be available? It’s such a handy thing to be able to just click a button and have all the data added instantly to my calendar, rather than going through manually adding the details.


Yes! It will be available in a day or two. It’s in staging now :slight_smile:


Hi Dhawal! Is the time for the Tommorow’s live stream is 1:30P.M Indian Time…? That is… Is it 1:30P.M IST…?

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Correct. The Eastern stream will be on Monday at 8 AM (UTC) — that is, 1:30 PM (IST). And the Western stream will be on Tuesday at 2 PM (UTC) — that is, 7:30 PM (IST). Both streams will cover the same content.

In the Events page of your Bootcamp Portal, you should see the streams’ start times in your local time zone.

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Just wanted to know how the attendance will be marked and how we will get the certificates. Also the videos will be available after the stream ?

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There’s no attendance requirements. You’ll get your certificate via freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design certification course (you’ll need to sign up here to do the coursework), as this is the curriculum we’ll be working through together.


@jesslynnrose Will the guest presentation with Barbara and Zach be recorded? Trying to avoid getting up at 4am, but sounds like good information! :sweat_smile:


It will be, I promise! All guest speakers are recorded as well. We’ll vary the Weds guest speaker time to try and make them fair for folks across time zones.


Hi, probably a repeat question, but will regular streams also be recorded? I just want to be able to catch up even if I miss any streams

They will, I’ll post them all here!

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Hello, is it ok if we just watch the streams when we have time? One is at 4 am and the other is during my work day so neither really works for me.


Of course! There’s no attendance taken, the streams are just to try and add more support to the freeCodeCamp course. It’s all about what works best for you <3


Add to Calendar button is live on the Events Page.

Here is your first lesson in Tech. Never trust estimates from a Dev :sweat_smile:


I also have a same doubt

It’s already 1:30 PM as per IST but live is not started till now, is there anything wrong

Is the live stream started?

Yes, the live stream started:


Catch up with it on Youtube