Live Stream Times Issue

Hi all,

Anyone else in the UK disappointed in the live stream times? With both the original and repeat live streams being sent out during normal working hours, it becomes unavailable to 95% of us, no?

I know the livestreams will be recorded, but re-watching a recording is not the same as being there at the time, as you can ask questions in real time, and get instant feedback / engage better.

@jesslynnrose is there any chance that either of these livestream times might be moveable at all?

I don’t mean to be negative or moan, but I was really looking forward to working through this bootcamp and being a part of the livestreams, hence my disappointment!

What does everyone else think?


Hey Steve,

As much as we’d like everyone to be able to join the live streams, considering the bootcamp has learners all over the world, and that efficiency is of the essence to be able to offer it for free, inevitably the sessions’ times won’t work for everyone.

To palliate that, as you mention, the live streams are recorded (here’s the recording to the Week 1 Live Stream). And if you have questions, the forum is here for support.


Hey Steve, I’m also UK based so I completely understand the challenge.

In order to keep the course free and still pay my rent, I need to balance streams, forum participation, lesson planning and responding to learner questions with my own contracting work that often falls on evenings and weekends.

I’m really focused on learner access, especially around home language and time zones. I’m sorry that at the moment that I’m not able to move the streams or add extra streams, but am working on exploring some sustainable options that might allow more flexibility if we’re able to repeat the program in 2022.


Hi @manoel @jesslynnrose ,

Thank you for you replies and for your clarification. I understand it there are many challenges involved, and I am grateful that you are able to provide the course content for free. It was just a bit disappointing to not be able to participate live.

I will still follow the recorded sessions as I’m sure there will be some good information in there, and make use of the forums.

Thanks again for providing us with this great content!


I’ll continue to explore ways to make this more available in the future, I really appreciate your feedback, even if the response wasn’t what you hoped!


Thanks very much for your time Manoel

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