Arrangements regarding JS streams

Hi @jesslynnrose, for the JS stream tomorrow afternoon, will you start the course over again (as this is the first stream for this time slot), or will you continue from the progress we’ve made today? Thanks!

Tomorrow I’ll continue from where we were today, but longer term the actual bootcamp starting in Jan will likely be a steadier form of support. With a new job starting soon my short term availability for streaming is likely to change.

So tomorrow, we’ll carry on from where we stopped today. Over the next few weeks, idk what schedules will look like.

Thanks! But may you consider making the progress of the two time slots independent from each other? It will be much more convenient for learners. Thank you :wink:

Alas, I will not. These streams are mostly just for me to be reviewing the JS material for my own needs, streamed in case other folks wanted to try and get any value out of them.

Sorry to butt in. Please can I get a link to the stream? Thanks