Bootcamp Feedback

@jesslynnrose @hola_soy_milk
Thank you both so much for another awesome round of teaching! I am definitely missing your presence this week as I attempt to finish the exercises and projects.

What is the best / most helpful way for students to provide you and the class central team with our feedback?

Aroha mai,


Hiya Monica!

Thank you very much for taking the bootcamps and for bearing with me :purple_heart:

We’re about to send out an announcement with amongst other things a link to give feedback on the bootcamps. It’ll show up on the bootcamp dashboard as well.

Any questions on the remaining exercises, please let us know.

All the best!


Everyone please check email with subject “Your Journey as a Developer has Begun” and share your feedback.

Thanks a zillion to 2 beautiful teachers @jesslynnrose @hola_soy_milk for sharing your time, knowledge with us free of cost, which is simply unbelievable, ofcourse classcentral team as well for making this happen; TAZ to you guys as well.

What’s next I’ve few suggestions to classcentral team and community as well; please let me know your thoughts

  1. Bi-weekly online meet-up to say Hi, Q&A, share learnings, difficulties, motivate each other etc

  2. Start building projects as team, as everyone’s dream is same to get that 6 figure job :wink: then why can’t be continue to collaborate and work together ?



These are great ideas, thank you!

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Good evening everyone, thank you for the excellent bootcamp. And mainly for the masterful classes of Professor RamĂłn Huidobro who makes programming and learning simple.
Thank you all so much for the opportunity and learning.
Jeferson Napolitano

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This is actually what I need, helps kick anxiety out and bring growth. Looking forward to bare and share good fruits with some of you guys.


Hi @jesslynnrose @hola_soy_milk and all

**Sorry Shakespeare and others for the following grammar and spelling, lol.

I am with @vikram-ingleshwar, and the others too, It was great watched you both working and struggling too with some topics. The best part for me was this and don’t feel alone on my new professional path. It can be too isolating sometimes, more if you don’t have someone to speak with about it, sometimes It is just that… speaking it out loud your frustrations.
It was great to know that there are many great people out there working on this too. I hope we can work or colaborate together, It will mean also we got it. ;D

*JS BootCamp mostly I liked as it was. I learnt a lot watching how to work on any problem. My suggestions…mmm: maybe less time on basic topics, just a few different examples about it and that’s it. Many basic information on line already.
I think is better when we can work on the curriculum first and then watch RamĂłn doing it. Not easy to follow more advanced topics without have a big picture of the problem.
Forming groups to work in a bigger project as we keep learning It could be great as @vikram-ingleshwar said.

*For Web Dev Bootcamp the same suggestions as JS, but Web Dev curriculum has too many steps for 1h lessons and maybe people will learn more if you work on some important parts of a specific project, It could be easier to explain and focus on some specifics, the most important knowledge of any project. I don’t know, not easy way to do it I guess, lol. Explaning things on a solved project it would be better, but not possible I think.
Maybe work as a group on a specific project will help with this too, maybe build our fan club website (about HTML, CSS and JS, not about RamĂłn and Jess ;D But you both deserve for sure a tribute page at least. :sunglasses:) or something like that. Fun Club I think It will be great because it will cover all the topics and we even could building it as a big mix group from both bootcamps and we could keeping it alive after bootcamps.

I hope you both can take something good of all mumbo-jumbo above. ;D


Happy life and coding!! :sunglasses: :sparkling_heart: