What do you want to learn next?

Now, that we’re as good as through with this bootcamp, what will you do next?

First, I still have some exercises left to do.
Then, I also want to do html/css beta exercises they’ve been doing in the other bootcamp (though I actually have the certificate from the older version of that course, but the new one looks interesting).

I want to go through the accessibility tutorial on w3schools.com. (Reminds me I still need to install that screen reader.)
Learn more about JS DOM manipulation.
And I definitely need more info on legal stuff, like cookie banners, legal notice you need to put on a website etc. (Germany is horrible when it comes to that… )
Re-learn/improve php (Funny that it seems to be on none of the trendy “you must know these languages”-lists, but I like it anyways. The “Caesars Cipher” inspired me to try creating a little encryption website for my niece, but it makes more sense to me to do something like that in php, so the code that encrypts/decrypts is hidden.)

And build a profile page that’s good enough to get me an internship at some company to gather some experience, and maybe even a job.

Then, I’d be interested in JQueryUI, take a look at kaboom.js and phaser…
Maybe SASS or LESS…
And need to find out about Node.js, Angular.js…

And probably need to look at one or another CMS…

In the long run, Ruby and Web Assembly sound interesting, too.

But now, my list is so long, it makes me feel overwhelmed again… :tired_face:

The FCC Front End Development Libraries certificate is not on my list, but I’m absolutely willing to join and give it a try, if they do a bootcamp like this.


Hi Ilona and all!

It seems your list is as long as mine! :sweat_smile:

I actually already started with the Front End Development Libraries certificate (about to start with the react module now!) :grin: I would have liked to wait for the bootcamp if Ramón finally does it, but I decided to start with it now and, if there’s finally a bootcamp, I can use it as a refresher.

I also want to learn more about Git and start using it (I know the theory of the basics, but never really needed it so haven’t used it). I really need to update my GitHub profile and upload all my stuff there too :cold_sweat: I’m also looking for a job, and I understand it’s improtant to have your portfolio there.

Since Ramón mentioned it the other day in class, I want to check out Phaser. It looks good to do something more fun but still keep coding.

And I might also look into the Responsive Web Design certification a bit. I already know HTML and CSS, but it can be a good refresher and there’s always something new to learn! I don’t know if I should follow the regular or the beta one, though; if you or anyone else can recommend one or the other, I 'd really appreciate it.

And I also want to refresh my Python and Django knowledge so I don’t forget it!


Same here: I already finished the first Web development certification, now going for the beta, trying to end javascript, and I will wait for Class Central, hopefully Ramon’s Front End Development Libraries bootcamp and/or anything Jessica Rose starts. Github is something I really need to work on too. React might be a goal after that (I am quitting on my python plans for a while). I do not know how I will make the time, but I will do it. Because I need it. And I also enjoy it.


Hi Ilona,

What’s your end goal which job profile are you preparing for ?

If you wish to apply as Front End Developer then HTML, CSS, JS & React ( other similar JS framework ) is sufficient.
In case you know 50% of things per JD and willing to learn others, companies will surely hire you.

Put your energy in doing projects rather than learning new things each week / day.

Check out today’s scrimba video which will help you


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Do you want to apply for Full Stack Developer role ? What if company uses Node / Go for backend ?

Please STOP fighting on multiple fronts and just concentrate on single battle till you win it :wink: