Thank you for these courses!

I want to thank the organizers of this course. And everyone else that is enrolled in these classes.
I am interested in programming and web development, but I could never get to actually learning any language. I grasped the concepts of programming by following many JS, C++, Rust, Python, Unity, Godot, etc. tutorials, but I would become unmotivated soon enough. At the end of the day I still haven’t learned any programming language enough to write anything interesting.
Recently I got an email from freeCodeCamp about the JavaScript and WebDev online courses, completely for free. I cannot express how much you saved me from my laziness! This is the perfect motivation to learn JS thanks to the schedule we have to follow, a great resource that is FCC, our helpful teacher - Ramón, and a community of people who are learning JS together with me.
Thank you all! I hope every one of my “classmates” has fun and learns a lot.


I agree! Having a structure and accountability helps me very much. I really appreciate the opportunity to take this course for free. After the first class, Ramon’s teaching style is so fun and engaging, I am really looking forward to the course.