When is the last day to submit all the projects?

Hi, I am a bit behind following the video of week 9; Responsive Web Design Principles now. I want to know when is the last day to submit all the work; freecodecamp lessons and projects to get the Web Development Bootcamp certification. Also, what kind of help can we get doing the project independently? I know I will need some help completing the 4-5(?) projects. Can we create a study buddy or pair-coder for the project? Would anyone be interested in having a study group for the project? That would be super helpful. Thank you!

Heya. Anybody, please correct me if I’m wrong. But I don’t think there’s a deadline for all the projects. Whenever you submit them is when you get your cert.
As for independent help, this forum is here for all your questions. You can also join the discord server here: Free Webdev Bootcamp
Everyone’s really nice and supportive there.
There might also be a chance for another saturday social to discuss the projects. @jesslynnrose , any plans there?
I personally might be interested in a study group, depending on how it’s set up and the times. Same goes for pairing and study-buddy.


I wouldn’t worry I am a lot further behind than you :wink:
Kathrin is right as far as I know there is no set deadline and it’s pretty flexible
Also thanks Kathrin as I wondered where I could get help as I am struggling with the tribute page


Thanks for your reply @Kathrin!! I recently joined the discord this week and am glad to hear about the nice and supportive community there. Yes!, yes! and yes! to studying and to complete all the projects.

Thanks for your reply @clarasais2594138!

I got a little behind as well due to life things. I hit a wall with my tribute page and have been really wishing I did it as I was learning from the beginning as there are things I fully understood at the time, but now are harder to remember. If anyone has any tips on lessons that were helpful to review as they were making their tribute pages it would be super helpful :slight_smile:

hey, sounds good. Have you thought about creating a post reaching out to the entire community, specifically, asking mentors about your needs?

There’s no deadline! Take your time, everything is ok!


So November 8 is just the official end of the bootcamp but that we can still submit the projects? For how long after the bootcamp ends? Yes, I am one of those who can read/listen to the lectures and do them myself at the same time only on weekends due to work and daily commute. And I am trying to really catch up today and tomorrow, knowing that it is the last weekend of the bootcamp. Thanks!

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For as long as freeCodeCamp continues to exist (a long, long time)!

There’s no cutoff, nobody is going to take your credit or progress away from you <3