Late start Question need advice

I finished lesson 1 (cat photo app) today and finished the stream for lesson 2 (coffee menu), but did not finish the lesson. Do you advise finish and complete lesson 2 and move on to lesson 3 or keep doing all of the streams and catch up to the class, then finish the lessons later? hopefully Explained it right thank you

You don’t have to keep up with the class, that’s why the instructor posts the videos to YouTube. It’s a self-paced thing, not a race. As long as you have fun and learn something along the way is all that is requested :smile:


thank you, but from my knowledge this is a six week camp so if i don’t finish in the six weeks does everything get shut down? and I have to wait until this starts again?

Nothing bad happens if you need more time! All the stream videos will stay up on the Class Central youtube channel and none of your progress towards the certification will expire. Everything is ok!


Hi Marcus,

Thanks for asking this.

Already struggling to keep up, but I have enjoyed the content I’ve been able to attend.

@jesslynnrose you are an epic mentor, and when i qualify you are so going to have been part of it.

All the best with the course to you both!

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Don’t feel like you’ve got to struggle. This is just programming, it doesn’t need to be any more stressful or difficult than it is already. Nothing is going to break or be lost if you take your time and are gentle with yourself.