Bootcamp goals and reasons

Most of the people here seem to be from various backgrounds and I find that really interesting which got me wondering what made people join. I am sure some joined because they were already learning and a study group is very encouraging to work with or to advance their careers but I can’t be sure. I think it will be encouraging to know the different stories.

So, I would like to ask what are your reasons for joining the bootcamp and do you have any particular goals with this particular course?

For me, I find websites really fun and interesting. I have a side subject about internet for this semester in college and that just made me feel like going more in depth. I am at an art college right now so being able to make my own portfolio page (even if it’s very simple) or be able to customise it a little is my aim for this course. I am very excited to learn about accessibility as well. Most of my reason is just because it’s fun (。・ω・。)ノ♡
I look forward to meeting everyone at the end of this journey and celebrate with you all! Feel free to connect with me on my socials too.

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This is my first Bootcamp and a try out if this kind of learning style is a fit for me.
Until now I have studied on my own, based on the curriculums of FreeCodeCamp or Coursera.
Sometimes I was lacking the motivation after a full day to get some learning done.
So I use this free offering, which is awesome, thank you @jesslynnrose , if I can follow a Bootcamp parallel to my job and if this help me.

My goal is to create small frontend web pages for web applications that I want to develop.
I trained myself on the the Pyhton Frameworks Flask and Fast Api and want to include the functionalities from my own endpoints into a user friendly frontend.
Also I would like to try out working collaborative with people that I did not know before on a distributed project on GitHub, perhaps creating a web application together, including the actual dev work, the design process before and the management of the project overall.

What I really like in this setting already, is the kindness and friendliness of the instructors and menthors, Kudos to you!


Hey, there! I am a Journalist in career transition, I’m studying in a paid platform, and it’s really good, but I find it a little hard to connect w other learners. I thought this bootcamp would be a great opportunity to walk the path alongside ppl sharing the same progress and the same anxieties – though each of us in our own way. And so far it’s been great, really =]

As for the tech career, I’ve always had some contact or another w HTML and, more recently, CSS. I’ve worked in digital media forever, and every now and again there was something we wanted to do but the system didn’t have a ready-to-use button, so I digged a little, learned a little, made it happen, and next time again, and that’s how I kept learning. I’ve always loved Math and Logic, and then 2018-2020 a looot of stuff happened that led me to learn a lot of random stuff (from Excel formulas to R arguments to dynamic fields) and that pushed me (back) towards dev. So I decided to give it a shot, and so far I am loving it =]


I’m currently training to revitalize my IT career with some paid courses supplemented with some JS material on FCC which eventually led me to this cohort. I’ve been learning on my own up until now and wanted to try out a boot camp to see if it works for me.

I have professional experience developing apps on the back end and I want to improve my front end work, especially in terms of UI/UX and overall aesthetics. My artist background feels this is long overdue so I figure this course is a good opportunity to improve which fits in nicely with my schedule.

In recent weeks I’ve revisited some fundamentals in software dev and comp sci so the basics of web design fit in pretty well. My goal is to be able to make beautiful, functional web sites that use modern designs and are accessible on many levels. I mean, I can make a web app to spec but it usually looks like… “programmer art” :rofl:


I want to get into the Saas space, I run a company that does coaching and mentorship of entrepreneurs and I am finding that a lot of tools developed for business owners don’t really fit with the needs of startups. So that’s my long term goal. I’m using this as a launchpad to get into development proper :slight_smile:


I am Front End Developer, have understanding on javascript and very less on html and css and responsive design.
Many will ignore these skills in depth knowledge.
I really find this community and course and some self research to help me get the depth understanding.
Happy to part of this.
Goal is get the freelancing opportunity.


I’ve attempted to learn web design for the better part of a decade, but I constantly become discouraged when I get to JS and end up quitting for a time. I yearn to become a developer so that I not only take care of the people around me, but to feel a sense of accomplishment. I loved freelancing as a graphic designer and want to do it as a developer. I had limited success with Python (created a desktop app for my department), and that gave me a renewed desire to smash through JS. But I need a refresher with HTML and CSS first :sweat_smile:


I am currently learning JS, I’ve read that Python is a little easier, but also that if you can do Python, you can do JS in a heartbeat. Don’t quit, if you ever need a partner or anything, let’s do it together. It drives me nuts when I can’t get something, or when I keep running into errors, but all the internet tells me is “don’t quit, you’ll be a senior dev and this will still happen, keep pushing forward” haha so I’m taking this advice to heart – and spreading it around :wink:


I have an on-the-job (OTJ) basic understanding of website maintenance. I’ve wanted to gain more skills and improve my prospects for gaining clients as a web developer.

So far, the class is great. It’s a great refresher, and the things that are new to me, I’m finding a rythym for.

Thanks for offering this great class at a price this freelancer can afford. <3