Saturday Study Social

We’re going to try a new format and do a Zoom study session in a little while. Due to the nature of Zoom (and, I confess, my ability to moderate at scale) we’re only going to be able to host 100 learners at a time in this session.

Together we’ll be looking at one of the final projects (the Tribute page) as well as going over any lessons and answering any questions you might have had from the HTML course. Excitingly, Ramón will be joining us for this session, so we’ll (he’ll) be able to answer questions in Spanish.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this session, if this has learner value we’ll keep experimenting with doing more.

Starting at the top of the hour:
Zoom details:
Meeting ID: 850 5803 8001


Hi Jess, will this be recorded and posted to YouTube afterwards?
I’d like to see how it went, even if I don’t join this time

I’ll record it and also re-run sessions like these if they’re useful for folks!


Thanks so much for having me! It was a great pleasure to help answer some questions and study together.

'Til next time!


@jesslynnrose Take a look into these platforms. They might be able to accommodate what zoom can’t. Plus, Jitsi is FREE and open source. BBB I was only recently told about them, but they are open source as well.


I’d be super keen if you host another session at a different time. This one was 2am for me so I guess not that keen. :sweat_smile:

This session was super and learned a lot. Thanks for running it.


That’s far too early! We’ll experiment with doing things at different times. Thank you so much for this feedback.

Hi all and wonderful Jess!
I may have missed this, about the final project “Tribute Page”?

Is the recording of this available? I missed the session and it sounded interesting.


Recording is up here: Web Bootcamp Saturday Social - YouTube


Thanks Jess & Ramon for this great introduction to Git/Github, it was very exciting and left me wanting to know more about Github.
I found this great beginners video on YouTube from freeCodeCamp by Gwen Faraday

I hope it helps others as much as it has me


@jesslynnrose Are you still doing Sat. study social? I’d love to join - going over projects and asking questions sound exactly what I am looking for now as we are coming close to the end of lessons, plus, I am positive many would appreciate this study social. What time is the meeting? I am in the ET zone. If there is no Sat. study social, can we do this again?

Also, how does mentorship works here? Can they help one-on-one or only respond to questions in the forum? I feel anxious about doing the projects alone and would appreciate a mentor in the process of completing them. Thank you!