Please help with Survey Form

Hi, I completed my project, but when I run test I received errors from point 12 to 17. The error 12 is asking me to add id=dropdown but it has been already added to the select element, what should i do? Thanks in advance

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Hi @J.IvanoskaHdz

Are you putting SELECT element inside FORM element? I can’t see all your code but I’d copy paste it to Visual Studio Code or even Notepad++ and check it there again. You could share your codepen project, it would be easier to help you.
Cleaner and well indented code it’s easier to debug too.
You should always use double quotes, and check using an editor if all your elements are well close. It could be only that.
Let us know if its working already, happy coding and weekend!!

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Thank you so much for your response Carlos! I was able to fix it, the error was that the form open tag was inside one of the other divs that I have :sweat_smile: Have a good weekend!

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I glad you made it. It happens to all. :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:

Please how do i pass the user story 13, it’s bothering me…

Take a screenshot, I can help you out