Comments for improvements on my Survey Form

Any experienced developers here that would like to criticize my work?
Its my first coding project so any expert feedback is much appreciated!


Overall I think it looks great for your first coding project! It looks like you are only requiring the name, email and age, which is ok and when I tested entering one or the other of the three it functioned correctly!

Just from a data collection point of view, wouldn’t you also want to require the info on how they heard about your channel and if they have played Ragnarok Online before? Depending on when you get to that point, seeing what people are requesting in relationship to if they have played RO before could give you some good insight on the content types and help better ID your overall target audience.

Only my 2 cents though :slight_smile: Overall great work and layout!


Thank you very much, this is just from the “Survey Form Project” so all the input I did there was from the test. I just added some extra codes because while researching, I stumbled upon the video embedding for html and I liked it so much.

Also may I ask what do you mean by “data collection point of view” is this the backend type of requirements? I’m sorry its just my 1st week of the boot camp and I am a total rookie.

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<label><input type="checkbox" value="SinX-vs-MVP" class="inline2" checked/>MVP SinX</label>

This way it will let you check the box also when you click on the text.
And you could correct the color of your font in the textarea. It’s white now so you can’t see what you’re typing in :slight_smile:
The rest is cool as far as I could see :slight_smile:

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Should I nest all my check box into individual label element for each?
I thought nesting ALL the checkbox inside would do it?


And thanks for correcting the text area color lol, how did I miss it…

Yes, each input should have one label :slight_smile: It’s because your each line of text is one label really. Right now you have no tag for the text, even no <p> It would be different if <input> wasn’t a self-closing element. But well, it is.

Oh I meant that if at some point you made it live on the web for people to use. Down the line a bit but just some food for thought. :slight_smile: Often with a form like what you made when the submit button is clicked, there is a whole world of behind the scenes stuff that can happen (sometimes referred to the ‘back-end’) where depending on what the person selects in the form can be recorded. Eventually you will be able to see trends and what people are choosing to help guide the content you offer.

So I was just saying that as in it’s a really great work on the project we did, I’d make sure to hold onto it in case you ever want to use it and get more into the back end of web development :clap:


Thanks a lot and yes I agree and I hope to do more actual work-related contents including the back end stuff since I am pushing for Full Stack Dev, I will keep that in mind.

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