My tribute page

Hey y’all, I just wanted to share my tribute page and its code and see what you all thought. Also any advice on improvements/changes is welcome. :slight_smile:

My tribute page


it looks great! wow, really, w the use of font families, margin and padding, colours, I really dig it, way to go!


Hello Starii,
I like your tribute page. It’s very nice.
I did it, too. tribute page


Your tribute page link doesn’t work for me. Not sure why or if others have this too.

Hello Star,

I love Katherine Johnson! Nice work on the tribute page. I like the font and the way you have visually separated each section using the boxes and shadows.

Hello Monica,
At the beginning , the pens were new for me and I removed one and then I got a new address for it. The below link is available now.
It was my fault ,sorry.

tribute page

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Thanks for all of the inspiration everyone! I also wanted to share my tribute page and see if anyone has feedback:

What a feeling to finally have completed a tiny, simple webpage from scratch. :heart_eyes: