Tribute Page

If you’re finished with the Tribute Page and want to share, I’m interested. I designed mine completely for mobile view. Let me know what you think :smile: Ben Franklin Tribute Page


This looks really solid, but the font is a little challenging to read. We haven’t explicitly talked about accessibility yet, but this might be a useful resource to start thinking about this space?


Ok, I’ll switch it up. It’s the only calligraphy font I could find :sob:

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Lol @rico0420022693330

I think @jesslynnrose meant color font and bakcground color dont mix too well, its not easy to read to everyone. Put your page here, for example:

it will tell you what you should try to fix.

Your page looks great its just about playing a bit with your colors. :upside_down_face: :wink:

Happy coding!!

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hi everyone, happy to share my tribute page, let me know what you think! My tribute was to Ada Lovelace!