My take on Tribute Page Project

Hello everyone!!

Here is my take on tribute page project! As always, I am open to any feedback and hungry to learn more. Check out my project here, hosted on GitHub pages.

Here is my code for HTML at main · ramyaparimi/ · GitHub

Code for CSS at main · ramyaparimi/ · GitHub


Your HTML and CSS syntax is good. Beautiful background colour, clear picture and excellent listing messages to tell the story. however, i can suggest that you make use of google fonts in any other projects, there are varieties that you can choose from and also, make use of variables, like we learnt yesterday. for example:

:root {
  --building-color1: #aa80ff;
  --building-color2: #66cc99;
  --building-color3: #cc6699;
  --building-color4: #538cc6;

All in all, you did a job. Thanks for sharing!:+1:t5:


Thank you for takin a look and giving me the feedback @Timiphil !

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Hi @thehappycoder Ramya

You are good!!! :sunglasses:

I have tried to break your code and have saw this:
. in wide screens the box around the hero image it doesn’t look so good, I would probably break the figcaption text in two lines,
. when I have stretched the window the hero and time line section look too stretch, I think
. when I zoom in and out the layout doesn’t look that pretty and text either

A fantastic CSS function what you probably will like to experiment with… clamp() ;D

Another idea… playing with border-radius to give any corner a different style, that way it won’t look like boxes, it could be a good idea too. Not sure.

But all this is because I have been mean with your code (it could be envy :laughing:), as I say you are good and you are doing fantastic!!

That is just for get the best grade!! :smile: Be proud of yourself Ramya. :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Happy coding!

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That looks awesome! Well done! As you can see from the feedback these are only suggestions which you can take up or ignore as you like. You chose a great hero for your tribute page. Nice!

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@syllie y is it dat I can’t download my certificate y …

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Hi Nuraini A panti

When you click on Go to settings to claim your certification you see in your Responsive Web Design section that every project has the solution at its right side?

Apart of that, in Privacy Settings, above that section, you need to switch on to PUBLIC the following:

        **My profile**
        **My name** (necesary to see your name in the certification, though)
        **My certifications**
        **My timeline**

I hope this helps, if don’t contact with freeCodeCamp support in the Forum.

Happy coding!!

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