Study suggestions for Tribute Page and Final Projects

Hello! I have hit a bit of a wall with my tribute page and need some suggestions for which of the older exercises seemed to help people the most to study from as they have worked on their final projects? As I was doing the exercises weekly I was catching on but now have seemed to have forgotten random bits and would love some study suggestions so I can continue to push through.

I found it really helpful to look at the code of the example projects. If you are unfamiliar, just right click in the browser and select “inspect,” and it will take you to the browser tools. I then used MDN web docs to understand code I tried to emulate, or tried to find the corresponding FCC lesson if I was really stuck. Hope this helps!

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I started most of my tribute page without looking at the example’s code, but when I got stuck took a look. I think I learned / struggled the most that way. I also second the MDN web docs as a great source. I really got stuck into reading some full pages yesterday and found it surprisingly helpful! MDN & W3C searches for particular issues I’m running into.

Another thing is if I run into an issue I get stuck with, I’ll navigate directly back to those lessons on freecodecamp. That way you don’t have to go through the whole thing again.

Although time intensive, I’ve also been rewatching the streams as I code. Since I normally attend the eastern stream, I’ll listen along to the western recording.

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