Link to bootcamp from

Hey @jesslynnrose, is there a way to add this bootcamp to the home page on
I can bookmark the page of course but since there’s a way to add a course to a list, maybe there’s a way to do the same for the bootcamp? Or if there’s another short path from to the bootcamp page.

This is how I get here from now:
click on Responsive Web Design course, click on the Join the bootcamp banner, click Go to bootcamp
Lot’s of clicks :smiley: I’m probably missing a trick?


Yes, there is a lot of steps to get into bootcamp .i too faced the same issue. As of now i have bookmarked those pages and open both in diff tabs

Thanks for the feedback. We are on it!


Likewise thanks for the feedback @davidlars and @sreenathmt2596196!

We’ve made some updates to hopefully make this a bit better. If you are logged in and enrolled, following either path below will take you directly to the Bootcamp portal.

  1. Homepage > “Free Web Development Bootcamp” Card
  2. Main Nav > “Study Groups” Dropdown (Desktop) > “Free Web Development Bootcamp” Nav item

We’ll continue to look for ways to make this even better.


Much better! And fast, love it :rocket: