Expected time spent on course

Hi there
Am I right in thinking we need to spend 10-20 hours a week on the course please
I’m only going to manage about ten due to having two young children and a bedbound father :frowning:


The 10-20h guideline is only to keep up with the bootcamp’s schedule. Remember the certificate itself is completely self-paced and you have as long as you need.

I believe the forum will remain open after the 12-week period and all live sessions are recorded for you to refer back to. There’s no need to pressure yourself unecessarily - enjoy the journey :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Clara…! I am Sachin & I have completed Basic HTML part of this bootcamp… Yess 8-10hrs is sufficient to go along with this bootcamp…! Also…, as the bootcamp goes upto week4 and onwards…, you can revise it on Sundays…

But…, Yess it is absolutely possible to complete this bootcamp if you can put 10hrs per week…


thanks guys just getting a bit stressed


It’s totally normal to be stressed, you’re already doing so much and a bootcamp on top of all that! The forums will stick around for a bit and the videos and freeCodeCamp progress you’ve made won’t go anywhere. So even if you do fall behind, all the resources will be right here for you. We’ve designed this to work with your life. It’ll all be ok!


How can I view the live session

You can go to the events link (here) and select the live stream you wanna watch. click on them and inside you’ll have the link to Twitch and to YouTube. The link is for the “general” channel of ClassCentral :slight_smile:

If you wanna watch the recording, instead of the live stream, go to the same link and scroll down to the bottom. there’s a ‘past events’ section. click on the one you wann watch and the recording is there


thanks , I’m just about halve way on the css