Joining late and catching up

Hi, I was excited to register for the Bootcamp but then went down with a mild-ish case of covid for a while. I almost gave up on the whole idea because my main motivation was to get involved with the community while learning something new/ revising what I know.

Couple days ago I tried the projects anyway and realised that my earlier experience with JS (from other moocs) let me complete all of them with a bit of trial and error and quite a lot of googling.
Now I’m stuck on the the last one (the cash register). I know that Feb 16 there’s going to be a live session but I don’t really want to code along. I’d rather watch some of the previous videos but I don’t know if there’s a deadline for this or whether the videos are just going to stay on youtube.

Also - is this project mostly based on the material covered in the last two sections (functional programming and algorithms 2? - I’m not sure if I want to do all the FCC exercise problems but have no idea what’s the best place to jump into for the cash register ). Would love some suggestions :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about this project and came up to some half solutions with objects manipulation, covered in Object Oriented Programming course. Project expects object and that is one hint. Also, there are three different responses depending on change value, which can also be achieved though three different objects or same DRY solution… I guess rest of solution can be done with Functional Programming, but didn’t get through it by now to give you more information, sorry.
You have mentioned Intermediate algorithms, don’t think there could be found solutions for this project, but doing them could definitely enhance your overall JavaScript knowledge. :slight_smile:
…and yes, as they mentioned videos are uploaded on YouTube to stay there.