Where do we write code?

Hey everyone,

This is probably a super basic question! But could someone tell me where we write HTML code?

In the FCC exercises, we write the code on the left and the page builds on the right. But where does this take place outside of FCC? Is there a program we need or do we simply create it in any text processer?

Thanks and apologies if this is so basic it’s mindblowing haha, appreciate any insight!

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I think I understand what you are asking, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

So, you can turn any text file into an html file by saving it with the .html extension. In order to view the file, simply double-click it and it should open up in a browser, just like a website.

Unlike fCC’s sandbox, however, you will have to reload the page each time you make a change, in order to see what you’ve done. However, if you are using a text editor like Visual Studio Code, Brackets, Sublime, ect. they often have plugins that function as virtual hosts, allowing for real-time (or near real-time) page updates so you don’t have to constantly hit reload on your browser.

I hope this answered your question. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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Oh perfect, thanks Jacob! That definitely does answer my question. Thanks again!

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Sure thing. :slight_smile: Have a great day!