How to launch a website ASAP?

Question 1
Which software is recommended to write code for professionals?
I know of notepad, visual studio, visual studio code but have no idea which one to choose for html/css/javascript and eventually C#.

Quest 2
Which web hosting service is recommended to host websites for free or cheap?
I’ve heard crypto domains are free and never expire.
Shopify charges $50+ dollars a month, Godaddy charges $20+, Wix, Squarespace, etc all charge alot. I want to make 10-20 websites and leave them online indefinitely. I would love to create my own raspberry pi servers but worry it will cause lag, legal and security issues.

Question 3
How do I upload my own images directly to my website, instead of linking from other websites? I am an artist and want to upload all my art. If the only way to do it is through linking via third party websites, which websites are recommended for this purpose? Flickr? Photobucket?

Question 4
Are there any other steps missing besides learning code, writing code in the correct software, uploading the code to the correct server and uploading files to the correct server in order to launch a public website ASAP?

I just discovered last night that if you right click and select new text document, you can write html code in there, then right click and select “save as” then add “.html” at the end of the document title. Then a new icon is created where you saved your file and you can test your code on a local browser! I wish I knew this years ago I would have tried coding much sooner.


1: I think Visual Studio Code will do just fine

2: If you’re just hosting static pages you can host for free using Github Pages or Netlify

3: It depends on the images. If you want to show X pictures that don’t change frequently, you can upload the images to your GitHub repository - otherwise you probably want a CDN (content delivery network)

4: It depends on how you’re hosting it and the functionality of said website/app. Here’s a nice article on the fCC forum about hosting: How to Host a Website for Beginners (Locally and/or Publicly)


Like you already discovered you can use any text editor to write code and save the file with the right extension. And yes .html files open directly in any web browser. Any time you visit a website you’re downloading an html file and usually accompanying .css and .js (javascript) files.

What you get with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Visual Studio Code is syntax highlighting, integrated version control features, debugger and much much more. I use VS Code and when I write HTML/CSS I use an extension called Live Server that keeps a browser open and automatically reloads whenever I change the code. Very handy!

When it comes to hosting static websites (just HTML/CSS/JS - front end code) you shouldn’t have to worry too much about servers. Github Pages and Gitlab Pages both provide free hosting. Apparently Azure Static Web Apps is free as well and has GitHub integration Azure Static Web Apps hosting plans | Microsoft Docs

Looking forward to seeing/hearing/experiencing your art :slight_smile:


Thanks for this info


Any tips/links for getting started with github pages? I’ve read through the documentation and still haven’t quite figured out how to customize the theme and update the content.

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You just put your .html and .css files there. You provide your own code/styles (if that’s what you meant by themes).

Did you follow their guide?


A1) It actually depends on what you like, most people will recommend something like VS code, sublime or atom, but personally I prefer emacs, but has a learning curve, but it works for me.

A2) You can pay for a VM on services like or similar and they’re super cheap (at least for me), but that will include the purchase of a domain and have to deal with all of the technical stuff of setting up a domain, configure a server and all of that, and it’s actually really cool but you will have to learn a lot of stuff.

But I noticed someone metioning github pages, which is also a very nice option, and you won’t have to deal with all of the above stuff.

A3) Once you have a domain and a server you can easily upload your images just by copying them to a specific directory under your root path for your website.

A4) Well that’s pretty much all, but it depends on the type of project you’re doing. I mean it’s that easy if you want to only host a static website.


Hello @sky . Here are some YouTube videos about Free Hosting sites enjoy:

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Hey, Sky, I suppose if you wanna publicize your art, maybe uploading your work to a DeviantArt or Behance profile and using their link in your website can be a way of ‘kill two birds with one stone’?