What are the policies on using images for projects?

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I’m just wondering about the use of images and videos in projects. Or how/where is best to get images or videos without any issues. Especially for the ‘Product Landing Page Project’. Please advise.

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We talk about this nested in a few other discussion topics:
Basically, there’s a few sites that host images from artists, which include free and paid options. I’ve decided to use unsplash, and as I understand it, artists are uploading their images to this site. Personally I’ve also decided to attribute the source of the images in my footers.

I asked also about videos, and I think we reached the conclusion that video hosting sites like youtube and vimeo are okay to link to. Thus we don’t have to host the videos like we tend to do with images, but can take the embed code from those sites in our html. Hope this helps!


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Thank you so much for the prompt response. Very informative. I really do appreciate your time.

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