Another Tribute Page Question

What are the rules for making this tribute page? Can I download pictures from a website, host them on my own, and use them? If so do I need cite my sources and how do I do that?

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You may give “” a go. This way, you don’t need to deal with any copyright issues. You may find all kinds of pics there and developers use them for free.

I checked that before posting and there is nothing from the topic/person I wanted to do my tribute page on.

I know copyright and royalty is something to be aware of. However, I think in the case of our tribute page project, the concern is negligible. Most of these images (especially well used and archived pictures of famous people) are within the public domain. And as long as you’re not making any money out of it, you should be fine. It’s like cutting out photographs from the NY Times to use in your school collage, I guess.

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I guess I am only worried about the rules of the school as far as citing my work, or sources for images. These pages arent being put on the internet (for normal surfing/traffic), and I dont plan on putting up on the internet myself.

I think I have my answer. Probably should have checked their website before asking here. They have instructions for how, when, and for what you may use their art for. So I am just waiting for a reply to give me the OK. :grimacing:

Wow. You went ahead and asked. Well done. I guess that is the only way to be sure in the end. Hope they’ll be fine with you using their picture.