How to link the image used for tribute page on my desktop

I am also working on the Tribute page. However, since we are using CodePen to run the test, how do I link the image I used on my desktop?

You’ll need to upload your image somewhere online. Some ideas are GitHub, Dropbox, Drive etc.
Codepen also allows you to host images with their Pro version, but it’s not necessary whatsoever.

Once your image is hosted online, simply href to the hosted image.


I’ve been wondering about this for the last week. :sweat_smile: Based on Matthew’s advice, I’ve finally got it! Not sure I’m set up with best practice for the long haul though, so may have to tweak.
These helped:


hey, i would recommend using these image upload sites:

give them a try :+1:

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Hello Virginia,
I uploaded my images on codepen inside assets and in the at src attribute you’ll take url given by codepen, not yours.