[Week 9] How Browsers Work with Scott Hanselman

When he isn’t busy working for the Web Platform Team at Microsoft, Scott Hanselman wears many hats. As he puts it: “I’m a teacher. I speak all over to whoever will listen. I have written code that you’ve used. I’ve been blogging for over a decade, coding for twice that, and podcasting for over half that. I code, write, speak, empower, promote, braid, learn and listen - usually not in that order.”

Scott Hanselman

Let’s explore all the Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You In School! In this technical talk Scott Hanselman will explore the concept of Systems Thinking and apply it to typing a URL into a browser and pressing enter. How many systems are involved? How “deep is the stack” and what’s involved? Let’s find out together and see how this way of thinking will enable us to be happier and more productive techies.

You can watch the live stream on Twitch or YouTube. Here are the links:

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Come join us!